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Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

Trends in web design are constantly changing and an outdated site can easily be spotted from a mile away. This can make your customers feel like you don’t take your businesses seriously, and hurt your chances of conversion. This is especially stressful if your customers are trying to access your website from their mobile device and it is hard to navigate, and impossible read. The last thing you want is to frustrate your customers before they even get a chance to know you, and even worse keep them from ever becoming a customer in the first place.

What Exactly is a Mobile Site?

Mobile sites are often simplified versions of their desktop counterparts. In most cases they provide all of the same information but in a way that is easy to navigate and read from a mobile device or tablet. A common term for this type of site is “responsive” what this means is that the sight adjusts to the size of the device, and knows when it needs to show the mobile version, or the full version of the site. If a site is not responsive it often squishes all the information and graphics from the desktop sight into the mobile version, which results in a bad look, which is impossible to read. This is not the first impression you want to give your customers.


Search Engine Optimization Process

Mobile-Web-Design-149x150Mobile sites also arrange information so the most important information is right where the customer can see it. They don’t have to go searching to find that coupon code, your phone number, or any other important information. This results in increased sales leads, more phone calls, and overall higher profits from your website. Increasing the customer’s enjoyment when visiting your site directly translates to better search engine ranking which leads to even more people coming to your site. Mobile sites are proven to bring in customers and leave them there. This can be seen by the lower bounce rate found with mobile sites (a bounce rate is when a person clicks on a link and quickly leaves the site). What that means is your visitors will more often become customers or clients.

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Our web development team would love to build you a mobile responsive website that will keep your customers happy and coming back over and over again. Call us today to find out more about getting your own mobile website.

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